History of  Scott Base

History of Scott Base

Scott Base was named after Captain Robert Falcon Scott. It was officially made and done on the 20th of January 1957 and is owned by New Zealand. Robert falcon Scott was born in Plymouth ,England. Scott Base is in the east of Antarctica in the Ross Dependency. In 1965 Scott Base was repainted from being a mixture of red, orange and yellow to Chelsea Cucumber Green because Bob Thompson  remembered a trip to Ireland where he saw white cottages and green patches. There are 85 beds in total and the smallest number of people at Scott Base was 9 people. The biggest amount of people at Scott Base was in 1999 (28 January) where there was 112 people there. The closest base to Scott Base is McMurdo Station. Scott Base is 30 feet tall and it is at the Pram Point of Ross island. at Scott Base the hallways are 7 meters. Huskies are no longer allowed in Antarctica because they carry diseases. Scott base is currently getting designed for the upgrade.

This is a picture of Captain Robert Falcon Scott

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